Bauer Vapor X700 Jr. Goalie Glove

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Continuing on one of the most anticipated new lines in goaltending in the recent years, Bauer has brought one of the most engineered and technologically advanced lines of gear to the goalie market. The Vapor X700 glove is packed with new features which strive to change the face of goaltending.

The Vapor X700 glove features a true one piece cuff for stability and rigidity and has this backed industry standard HD foam and plastic materials. This gives the glove a phenomenal open shape and will not allow the glove to misshape or breakdown over time. In the palm, the X700 glove also features a reinforced palm which helps reduce stingers in the palm, but also allows the glove to snap closed for a break in feel.

The backhand has the Free Flex cuff which protects the back of the hand when covering the puck, but gives the goalie unrestricted movement when shooting or moving about the crease.

Bauer achieves the 60 degree break on the Vapor X700 glove by utilizing a unique palm design which will close like the spine of a book and provide a game ready feel right out of the box.

Bauer includes their Deep Hybrid T pocket which gives the amazing stability when open, but also allows for ease of closure. This shape makes for a large catching surface which cradles the puck upon impact and even provides more visibility when catching the puck.

If you are an average-level goalie who is looking for some of the best innovations on the market but want a 60 degree game ready feel without breaking the bank, the Bauer Vapor X700 Junior Goalie Glove will not disappoint you!

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